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Contact us now to learn how we specialise in helping our customers forecast their sales accurately, generate more opportunities, increase deal sizes, close more business in the buyer-empowered technology world

Some Key Goals and Capabilities we help our customers to achieve include:

  1. CEO:

    1. Increasing Shareholder Value and EPS Performance via:                Forecasting Accuracy (click here for video);  

    2. Coaching Sales Managers for Superior Business Performance;

    3. Reducing Cost-of-Sales.

  2. Sales & Marketing:

    1. Forecasting Accuracy (click here for video);

    2. Increasing Qualified Leads via Prospecting and Business Development;

    3. Shortening Sales Cycles;

    4. Improving Win:Bid Ratios;

    5. Reducing "No Decision" and "Decision Delayed";

    6. Sales People and Sales Managers Meeting and Exceeding Targets;

    7. Codifying Sales Processes to Align with Buying Processes;

    8. Marketing and Sales Messaging;

    9. Defining Leads; Opportunities; Qualification;

    10. How to Qualify and Dis-Qualify an Opportunity;

    11. How to Provide Value to Customers;

    12. How to Resist Negotiation Pressure;

    13. Sales Talent Acquisition, Development and Retention;

    14. Sales Support Diagnosis and Solution Development;

    15. Implementing Sales Processes into CRM and Enabling Adoption.

  3. Human Capital Management:

    1. Talent Acquisition, Development and Retention;

    2. Competency Frameworks Implementation;

    3. Learning & Development Training Scheduling;

    4. Coaching Needs Identification.

  4. Finance and Operations:

    1. Improving Free Cashflow;

    2. Reducing Unbilled Work-in-Progress

    3. Delivering Target EBITDA.

  5. Professional Services:

    1. Reducing Benchtime;

    2. Improving Utilisation;

    3. Resisting Margin Pressure.

  6. Senior Leadership Teams (SLT);

    1. Board Member Goal Congruence;

    2. Board Effectiveness & Efficiency;

    3. Board Nurturing of Talent.


Let's talk.

If you want to help your people achieve superior performance, through skills and talent development, process improvement and a skills database, then get in touch now.

Please fill out the email form, submit and we will get back to you.

Or, if you prefer, email John: or call us on + 44 7968 066 165

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