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Leadership coaching

With fewer layers in today’s organisation structures, with more remote working and increased use of virtual enterprises with ad hoc teaming, the emphasis is focused upon individual responsibility and accountability. For the leader, this means delegation and trust, and so there is an imperative for the leader to use coaching skills for effective and efficient day-to-day leadership of staff and delivery of superior business performance.

Who will benefit from the workshops?

  • Senior Leaders responsible for the development of others
  • Team leaders and managers who want to get the best out of their people
  • Line managers who want a structured and effective method of undertaking their monthly reviews
  • Line managers who want to develop their staff in their current role and also longer term

What is the aim of the workshops?

The workshops are interactive using small group exercises as a way of accelerating the learning process in a safe environment.

Leadership Essentials 1-Day Hadley Wood Golf Beech Hill Herts EN4 0JJ

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