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John Busby - Founder and Chairman BKC

                    - Founder and Managing Director BPA

                    - Co-Owner of the BKC-VEM Product 

People are the key.


John is an experienced leader helping organisations to enhance and develop their business performance through their most valuable asset: People.


He has held sales and general management roles in major corporates including ADP, MSA and Siemens prior to setting up his own businesses providing consulting and interim management services to organisations of all shapes and sizes working in most geographies and with multiple cultures.


His experience with his clients and teams reinforces his belief that, in order for businesses perform, the prime focus should be on their people, helping them to grow and perform to the best of their abilities. For this, there have to be relevant processes, enabling skills and talent acquisition and development processes in place with powerful technologies in support.


The Business Performance Accelerators Capabilities together with the VEM™ skills database application from BKC provide these capabilities.

John is an experienced Interim Executive and sales turnaround specialist who leads the Outsourced Capabilities Practice.

John is a CustomerCentric Selling® Founder Business Partner


Contact John now for an initial conversation so that he can learn about you and your situation and you can explore with him how you how you could use our capabilities to help your business perform through your people achieving superior business performance.


Personal email:


Company email:


+ 44 7968 066 165


Anton Koekemoer - Co-Owner and CTO of the BKC-VEM Product


People are the key.


Anton has the key role of designing and building our technology to deliver the business capabilities demanded by you, our customers.


He is instrumental in providing leadership to the shaping, architectecting and delivery of our Cloud Applications.


Contact Anton now so that he can learn about you and your situation and explore with you how you could use the VEM™ skills database application capabilities to help your people achieve superior business performance.


+ 44 7968 066 165



Toby Jackson - Practice Director Consulting and Coaching

People are the key.


Toby leads the Consulting Practice having spent seventeen years in international Private Banking before setting up his own consultancy in 1995.

Since its formation in 2002, Toby has been  worked as a professional Workshop Manager and Implementation Consultant for the CustomerCentric Selling® Programme.


Toby brings to his consulting and  coaching a background of an international law degree, seventeen years in banking, dealing primarily with international private clients, and twenty years' running his own practice in a variety of consulting roles, the last fifteen of which with a focus on coaching executives, as well as workshop managing and implementing processes and methodologies.


He has experience of international/cross-cultural issues, having an international personal and business background.


He holds a postgraduate diploma in Business and Executive coaching, is an Associate Member of the Association for Coaching and works to the Association's code of ethics.


He specialises in helping the Clients of the VEM™ skills database application with their process definition and implementation programmes and he has undertaken a range of consultancy roles and business activities helping to deliver consultancy, methodology and training programmes.


Contact Toby now so that he can learn about you and your situation and explore with you how you could use Business Performance Accelerators from BKC together with the VEM™ skills database application capabilities to help you and your people achieve superior business performance.


+ 44 7968 066 165


Brian Male - COO and Head of Professional Services

People are the key.


Brian is a customer focused, results driven individual who places great emphasis on good leadership, communication and teamwork.


Brian has worked in IT service functions for software vendors and a management consultancy for over 25 years. In that time he has worked for major ERP and Human Resource suppliers and Price Waterhouse.


He is experienced in CustomerCentric Selling® as both a customer and coach and has successfully developed and implemented business and resource plans, created new business teams and led major services organisations responsible for large and small ERP/IT projects to major organizations in the private and public sectors and have had hands-on sales management roles.


Brian has led and operated in both direct and indirect sales management roles in EMEA, has a deep knowledge of the software vertical market particularly in the European territories.


A recent role was with Lawson software as Vice President EMEA for the Lawson S3 product line in EMEA serving the service sector business lines.  The role included strategic direction, new business development, channel management and client relationship management of all prospect and customer related revenue.


He has been responsible for significant sized vendor sales and consulting teams and has been responsible for a number of multi million pound software implementations projects.

In addition, Brian has experience in leading marketing, solution design and bid management teams as well as significant experience of working for US based software companies operating in the global market.


Contact Brian now so that he can learn about you and your situation and explore with you how you could use theThe Business Performance Accelerators from BKC together with the TalentDbase™ skills database application from VEM capabilities to help your people achieve superior business performance.


+ 44 7968 066 165



Venessa Moffat - Head of Strategy Consulting

People are the key.


Venessa has an MBA and BSc (Hons) and leads our Strategy Practice.


She is experienced and qualified in the formulation and implementation of strategy in major technology organisations and is the founder of the Wellness organisation Agile Momentum, one of our Partners.


Prior to this, Venessa worked in the technology industry for 20 years, holding positions such as Senior Marketing Director, Product Marketing Director, IT Manager, Head of Projects.


Some of her key achievements include:


  • Built professional services practice (technology industry) – from running at a loss turning over £500k, to turning over £2m at 20% profit

  • Collaborated with CEO to construct €330m worth of business cases, which were all approved by the board

  • Worked with a concept gym – doubled revenue for two years running

  • Created new product development process for international technology company

  • Led strategy development teams in multiple organisations

  • Launched new products in various markets

  • Owned competitor analysis and business intelligence functions

  • Managed all aspects of IT and network infrastructure for a software company


+ 44 7968 066 165



Elva Pearson - Head of Innovation

People are the key.


Elva has spent a total of 25 years in business, mainly in the aggressively competitive IT industry leading sales forces, marketing, telesales and senior management teams both within the UK and internationally.  Working for some of the biggest names in business such as Dun and Bradstreet, Dell and most recently McAfee Security as Vice President.


Elva is a Director of Learning Partners, one of our Partners.


During her career, Elva has managed sales strategies for both direct and indirect business models, with proven ability and vast experience in implementing complex multi-layered, strategic sales techniques and methodologies.  She has created and implemented methodologies to drive change and consistently monitor performance and results.


She is skilled at understanding and creating go-to-market sales coverage models in order to maximise revenue with limited resources.  Her years in sales and sales leadership have provided her with skills in selling at the highest levels within large global corporations.


Elva has been involved with many business mergers and successfully worked through the challenges of cultural, staff, product and directional changes during these challenging periods. 


One of her most interesting business challenges occurred after the fall of the Berlin Wall.  Elva was involved with the World Bank in helping the Eastern Bloc countries (Russia, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Poland) gain the funding and knowledge to buy business technology to make them competitive in the global markets.  She was one of a small team of business advisors at the vanguard of this historic, challenging and complex initiative.


Elva has a deep knowledge of the sales environment through years of practical application and brings a wealth of experience and creativity to all her engagements including implementing CustomerCentric Selling®.


+ 44 7968 066 165



Tom Busby - Head of Digital Transformation


People are the key.


Tom is a Graduate of Coventry University and is currently in his final and fourth year reading for a Mechanical Engineering BEng at Aston University having undertaken his industrial placement year with the technology company Arrival that designs and builds Electric Commercial Vehicles.

He set up and runs his own digital channel, CryptoBusy, focused upon Crypto Currencies with over 210,000 subscribers. Tom recently set up a new company, CBY Capital, to further his digital and business interests.

He is experienced in project managing digital transformation initiatives from specification through to design, implementation and activation.

Tom advises on the: Why-How-What of digital omni-channel promotion.

Contact Tom now for an initial conversation.

+ 44 7968 066 165

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