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Marketing Director: Typical Goals

Key Goals we help Marketing Directors to Achieve:

  • Lead generation and tracking to ‘C’ level executives

  • Messaging ready for salespeople to use in solution development

  • Competitive analysis and differentiation


Here is a typical story to illustrate the situation.

One of the statements that resonates with the Marketing Directors of our Clients is that they provide leads to salespeople that are either incompletely or not followed-up and that, therefore, they have difficulty in assessing the demand for certain features/products resulting in being unable to quantify the cost-effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

This leads them to have to cut/downsize future marketing initiatives with insufficient information on which to decide which ones should be terminated and those which should be supported.

In turn this impacts their ability to stimulate and generate sufficient demand for sales targets to be met with the net result that the business does not achieve its budgets causing constraints across the organisation.

They say that, if they had a common language with agreed definitions they could discuss campaigns confident that good data was being used to inform their decision-making so that they could promote new, and support the appropriate existing, initiatives to generate leads that would be fully followed-up by salespeople.

We provide these Capabilities.

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