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Finance Director: Typical Goals

Key Goals we help Finance Directors to Achieve:

  • Improved Cashflow Forecasting 

  • Lower Cost of Sales

  • Earlier Revenue Recognition 


Here is a typical story to illustrate the situation.


One of the statements that resonates with the Finance Directors of our Clients is that, whereas they can predict and plan for their costs, they never really know when new contracts will actually be booked leading to an invoicing event and, in cases where there is insufficient predictable income (eg: from maintenance or contracted revenues from, say, a managed service) to support all cash outflows, this frequently requires unplanned draw-downs from reserves or lender/investor funds with the associated financing costs if the budgeted business plan is to continue to be supported.


This leads them to have to cut/lower discretionary spending/investment which in turn reduces resourcing available for marketing, sales, research and development, recruitment, thus negatively impacting the ability of the organisation to compete fully and win in the market place.


They say that, if they could be presented with a pipeline of opportunities in which each opportunity was graded according to agreed standards this would allow them to discuss and understand the probability of each opportunity that would then allow them to smooth their cash requirements in sufficient time to avoid unplanned cash calls and associated costs so more readily being able to support the business plan going forward.

We provide these Capabilities.

Click here for details of our Sales Related Cashflow Forecast Audit

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