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Sales Executive: Typical Goals

Key Goals we help Sales Executives to Achieve:

  • Gaining and maintaining access to Key Players and obtaining their buying consensus

  • Helping my customers to understand the value to them of our offerings

  • Being coached effectively by my manager


Here is a typical story to illustrate the situation.

One of the statements that resonates with the Sales Executives of our Clients is that they have difficulty in gaining access to, and then maintaining that access with, Key Players and then to obtain their consensus to a buying decision.

This then leads to extended sales cy cles and difficulties in building high-value pipelines of new opportunities.

In turn this impacts their ability to meet sales targets with resultant negative consequences for earnings, both organisational and personal.


They say that, if they had a way that they could engage Key Players in business discussions about the performance measures that those Key Players need to achieve and the capabilities required to help them achieve their goals, address their needs and solve their problems, then they could more successfully close a higher percentage of their opportunities within the predicted timescales so meeting their targets and improving their earnings, both organisational and personal.

We provide these Capabilities.

Click here for details of our Key Player Conversation Audit

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