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Professional Services Director: Typical Goals

Key Goals we help Professional Services Directors to Achieve:

  • Ability to plan and better utilize finite resources

  • Ensure availability of appropriate implementation resources

  • Improve mapping of new product features to customer requirements


Here is a typical story to illustrate the situation.

One of the statements that resonates with the Professional Services Directors of our Clients is that they have great difficulty in shaping the resourcing of their teams because they never really know when new contracts will actually be booked leading to an implementation event.


This leads to them either over- or under- shooting their budgets which, in the case of the former, negatively impacts their profitability as they have resources on the bench not earning, and, in the case of the latter, negatively impacts their ability to complete implementations in a timely manner so leading to higher than budgeted work-in-process.


They say that, if they had a process that described sales and implementation as parts of a continuum, then they could engage earlier with opportunities to help assess their viability and likely impact in sufficient time to shape the resourcing requirement and so meet both their profitability and work-in-process budgets.

We provide these Capabilities.

Click here for details of our Resourcing Process Audit

Click here for details of our Resource Optimisation™ Application

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