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Human Resources Director: Typical Goals

Key Goals we help Human Resources Directors to Achieve:

  • Talent Acquisition, Development and Retention

  • Management of Contingent Workforces

  • Learning & Development Training Scheduling


Here is a typical story to illustrate the situation.

One of the statements that resonates with the Human Resources Directors of our Clients is how to provide learning and development programmes that are effective when constrained by the time commitments of their co-workers and, where they have contingent workforces, the vagaries of the schedules of their people.

This leads them to have to implement "bite-sized one size-fits-all" modules to fit in with the schedules of the participants. In turn this impacts their ability to deliver programmes that engage and add value to the participants.


They say that, if they had a way to acccess an application with a competency framework that identified and kept current the attributes, skills and competencies of all the people then they could provide programmes that were tailored to the individual circumstances of the participants thus providing effective and efficient learning and development.


We provide these Capabilities.

Click here for details of our Human Capital Management Audit

Click here for details of our Talent Acquisition and Development Capabilities

Click here for details of our Talent Competency™ Application


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