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Workshops                                                                                  Click here for Workshop Data Briefs


We run workshops for a number of situations and some of these are noted below.


Each of them will be personalised for the particular circumstances of our customers based upon Discovery.


Their duration can be for a full change programme of five days to a half-day refesher seminar and can be once-off events or a series running over a period. The workshops are delivered by BKC or by BKC in conjunction with one of more BKC Partners.

Senior Leadership Team Development

Sales Management Development

Coaching & Supporting First Line Sales Managers

Sales Process Definition

Sales Messaging

Brand & Marketing Messaging

Routes-To-Market Definition

Sales Workshops

Customer Experience

Sales Operations Management

Professional Services Operations

Recruitment & Talent Development

'C'-Suite Engagement Workshop

Negotiating & Influencing

Finance for Non-Finance

Let's talk.

If you want to help your people achieve superior performance, through skills and talent development, process improvement and a skills database, then get in touch now.

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