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Talent Acquisition and Development Services

Recruiting the right people


Retaining and developing the right talent


Reducing the costs of mis-hires and mis-keeps

Skills Audit & Taxonomy

Evolution/Development for Permanent and Contingent People

Recruitment & In-Post Support using On-Line Assessments to identify individual/team Strengths & Development Areas

Training & Development

We run Workshops for Senior Leadership Teams; Managers; Sales & Support People

Our Consultants will work with you to go through what it is you are looking to accomplish, review your current skills taxonomy and make any recommendations for development and then jointly decide with you how to proceed.

Our Consultants will work with you to support your Senior Leadership through recruitment if fresh talent is required and in-post support of external and internal appointments.

Should there be a training requirement, then our Consultants will either train your people or conduct a train the trainer workshop with your designated trainer.

Let's talk.

If you want to help your people achieve superior performance, through skills and talent development, process improvement and a skills database, then get in touch now.

Please fill out the email form, submit and we will get back to you.

Or, if you prefer, email John: or call us on + 44 7968 066 165

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