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Sales Director: Typical Goals

Key Goals we help Sales Directors to Achieve:

  • Reducing the percentage of opportunities that become delayed or go to no decision

  • Creating a well-qualified pipeline to produce a defensible forecast

  • Increasing the speed at which new hires become productive


Here is a typical story to illustrate the situation.

One of the statements that resonates with the Sales Directors of our Clients is that they have a high percentage of opportunities in their pipeline that do not close when predicted and at a lower value when they do.

This leads them to have to produce and then defend unreliable forecasts that are characterised by opportunities that are graded according to salespeoples’ opinions rather than to an agreed objective standard which results in projected close dates slipping and the actual contract values being lower than predicted.

In turn this impacts their ability to meet sales targets with resultant negative consequences for growth and earnings, both organisational and personal.

They say that, if they had an agreed and common set of objective standards by which to grade opportunities in the pipeline across their sales team, then they could more accurately predict both the timing of close dates and order values so leading to the meeting of organisational and personal targets.

We provide these Capabilities.

Click here for details of our Opportunity Grading Audit

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