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Sales Operations Director: Typical Goals

Key Goals we help Sales Operations Directors to Achieve:

  • Implementing the organisational sales process such that it is adopted and used

  • Capturing Customer-Verifiable-Evidence

  • Producing Reliable Reports


Here is a typical story to illustrate the situation.


One of the statements that resonates with the Directors of Sales Operations of our Clients is that they have difficulty in implementing their organisation’s sales process such that it is adopted and used by all relevant people.


This leads them to have to expend non-productive time and resources in understanding and interpreting the often times anecdotal data that is input to various applications, including manual and automated technologies.

In turn this impacts their ability to produce reports that can be relied upon to give a true insight into the organisation’s pipeline of opportunities and forecasts of business to be closed at a given value by a given date.


They say that, if they had an opportunity management centred application that enabled salespeople to enter data remotely and grade opportunities in the pipeline according an agreed and common set of objective standards such that customer-verifiable-evidence could be captured and probabilities calculated by pipeline milestone, then they could ensure the full adoption and use of the sales process thus enabling the production of reliable pipeline and forecast reports.

We provide these Capabilities.

Click here for details of our Sales Process Technology Audit

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