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Stepping up to a consultative selling role involving complexity of business issues, creating solutions and working with customer buying processes and procedures without training.


A clear understanding of why a customer would issue a purchase order for your products and services.

Who Will Benefit

  • Salespeople moving into sales for the first time
  • Salespeople used to selling commodities moving into consultative sales
  • Consultants supporting consultative sales
  • Consultants implementing solutions arising from consultative sales



This is a 1-Day interactive workshop for between 6-12 participants under the guidance of a BKC Workshop Leader. Participants will work individually and in groups to learn and then build specific examples of sales tools they can use immediately in the field to work successfully in consultative sales.

Consultative Selling Essentials 1-Day Hadley Wood Golf Beech Hill Herts EN4 0JJ

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