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Making It Happen!

The other day, I was in my car listening to Desert Island Discs, as you do. Judy Dench was the “castaway”. She was asked if she gave talks on acting. Her reply intrigued me. She said words to the effect that acting was about doing not talking about.

That got me thinking. How does this play out in sales? It reminded me of an observation a good friend and sometime work colleague of mine made about where he was working at that time. He told me that at his current place of work there were people in charge of: sales operations, sales effectiveness, sales training but, he said, nobody was doing any selling!

Acting is about doing. Selling is about doing. Making it Happen!

But how?

Maybe that is why there are: sales operations, sales effectiveness and sales training. But, sales still need to be made to happen: all are part of the whole.

If nothing else, sales is about making it happen!


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